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A ticketing and marketing platform, built with love

You love what you do, and know what it takes to pull it off. So when it comes to finding technology that works for you, you know what you want: reliability, approachability, and world-class support that keeps up with your pace. The good news? Prekindle does all that — and more.

Our support team is ready to help attendees with any questions before, during, and after their purchase or event. Our goal is to ensure patrons have a smooth ticketing experience
Zac LindahlClient Success Manager
events of all sizes

We mean it when we say we’re all about events

We've got your back no matter what event you're looking to host. We support everything from in-person events to virtual, food and beverage events, concerts, festivals, classes, and everything in between — both free and paid! Whatever your ambition, we have the scalability and support to make it happen.

More Sales, Less Stress

Sell more tickets with less effort

Our technology works around the clock to make sure every dollar you spend increases ticket sales. And you’ll sell more tickets — with less stress — thanks to our automated marketing tools.

Automated Solutions

Elevate your events with automation

  • Schedule
    Your Events

    From Announce and On Sale dates/times to Tiered and Dynamic Pricing, you can set it and forget it.

  • Sending information before and after events

    Never send a know-before-you-go or thank-you-for-coming email again. Set it up once, and we’ll automate it.

  • Past Attendee
    Email Blast

    We’ll automatically send interested parties a message when your event goes on sale so you don’t have to.

  • Ticket Counts and
    Shared Sales Access

    We make it easy to send automated reports to booking agents, partners, and third parties automatically, setup once in 30 seconds or less.

Painless Payments

Get paid — and give your guests flexibility

With Prekindle, you can accept payments from all major credit cards, Apple pay, Google pay, and other digital forms of payment. You can also integrate your own Stripe account and process payments via your own merchant account. We pay quickly on the Monday after the event, and offer full transparency via payment and event statements under our Payments tab.

Data-informed decisions

Account controls & cutting-edge tech

Our advanced features let you assign role-based access, save event templates, and even build event reports. And you can use our flexible reporting and analytics to understand your event data — and maximize your success.

Payments and billing are fast, accurate, and like clockwork. You can rest easy knowing exactly what to expect and when. Clients love our always-up-to-date Payments dashboard and reliably smooth settlements.
Dave HowardChief Technology Officer